Grace and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ

I want to tell you that yesterday I received the parcel that you sent in the Lord's name. I thank our heavenly Father, through our Lord Jesus Christ, and you, His children, my dear brothers and sisters for this package. Our brothers are also sending their greetings. Yesterday they received courses from you too. They stay in my cell and I constantly tell them about our Lord and about how God works through all of you - and they tell me that they see this. They have truly turned to God. I constantly pray for all of you.

Brother In Christ, Russian Prison  

Hello to All With Spiritual Freedom

When I was in the women's correctional colony I was studying through your correspondence school. I was able to finish three of your courses - The Good News, Men who Met the Master and one other. Recently I was released and I would like to continue these studies if that is possible. My greatest wish is to continue to follow our Savior because only through belief in Him can we enter the Kingdom of God.

Sister In Christ, Ex-Convict  


Due to the work of the brothers from Spiritual Freedom I gave my life to Christ. They encouraged me in faith through these marvelous Bible courses so I could grow spiritually. Now I cannot imagine living without Christ and without His Word. I put all my trust in Him.

Brother In Christ, Russian Prison  

Dear Brothers and Sisters

From the bottom of my heart I thank Spiritual Freedom for the work that you do and that is much needed. Studying your courses not only fills up the spare time of a prisoner and relieves their loneliness but also gives them a chance to see the world differently and to change their understanding and become more kind and more wise. For this I thank you with all my heart.

Brother In Christ, Russian Prison  

All letters were translated into english by our dear partners in Russia for our understanding.