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Sandi Fatow – Smokin’ and Jokin’
  • Smokin’ and Jokin’

    Sandi just wanted to dance and party and hang out. But like many others, she got caught up in a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol, progressing from marijuana to barbiturates and amphetamines, to L.S.D., peyote, to cocaine, and finally to heroin. She looked for love in all the wrong places. What she got was a baby boy given up for adoption, an illegal abortion, the police and the F.B.I. knocking on her door, a heroin habit that couldn’t be satisfied, and a broken heart. From the United States Marine Corps, to the Jimi Hendrix Experience, to the Miami underworld of gangsters and smugglers, to a Harlem junkie…It wasn’t supposed to happen that way. But it did. 

    The Sandi Fatow story is an inspiration to everyone; from the White House, to the whorehouse, to the big house, there is a need for help, answers, and peace. Smokin’ and Jokin’ will take you there and bring you home…a changed person.

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    Sandi Fatow

    A friend asked Sandi to check out a Christian rehab for him to see if the preacher would help him. While there, she was challenged to go through rehab herself. After 18 hours she was horribly ill and started out to get a bag of dope when one older woman cornered her and asked her if she could pray for her. The old lady laid hands on her and prayed. Sandi was instantly delivered from her heroin addiction and set on a new path that night!

    She now travels with The Bill Glass Champions For Life out of Dallas, Texas. They go from prison to prison across the United States and other countries sharing her story and how Jesus Christ brought her real life. Her heart’s desire is to get copies of “Smokin’ & Jokin” into the prisons to show others how God changed her and can change them.