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Jewels for the Journey – Jack Murphy
  • Jewels for the Journey

    Murph talks to wiseguys.

    The Eagle Diamond, Delong Ruby, Midnight Sapphire, 23 other precious gems, and the largest star sapphire in the world, the Star of India, had all vanished in the night from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City…who would dare attempt such a heist?

    Jewels for the Journey is Jack Murphy’s personal account of living in the underworld fastlane, 21 years in maximum security prisons, and how he survived in a society of takers, users and walking deadmen.

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    Jack Roland Murphy

    Jack Murphy has often been a role model. As a youth, he was an overachiever He excelled in sports, music, and scholastics. As a young businessman, Jack worked in south Florida real estate and the resort hotel business. In the late 1950’s, he was a pioneer in the east Coast surfboard industry, the sport that gave him the nickname, “Murph the Surf.”

    Jack was always the center of interest and attention. His home was the “in place” to party with the fast crowd.

    Then, because of his hedonistic lifestyle and lack of Christian morals or ethics, it was but a short surf ride to crime.

    when he received a double life sentence plus twenty years in the Florida state prison system for a capital crime, he soon became the “main man” in the prison. He was a respected convict.

    But God was on his trail. Through the influence of Chaplain Max Jones, Jack Murphy became an outstanding Christian, he stood up boldly for Christ.

    Now out of prison, he has become and ideal role model for paroled prisoners. It is evident that Chaplain Max Jones spoke a great truth when he said “Jack, God has a better plan for your life.”